What Sets Us Apart: 

The Four Pillars


Training, Experience, Purpose, and Quality set us apart from other consulting services that focus on leadership and strategy. Click on each or scroll down to learn more. 



You know how difficult it is to weed through the over-saturated leadership consulting market? They're a dime a dozen. Each one with their own gimmicks. But have you noticed how the vast majority have no more than a Bachelor’s degree in a field completely unrelated to understanding people, processes, and change? You can’t have a competitive edge if your consultant has less training and experience than what you are aspiring to become. And you can’t learn best practices from someone who just came up with their own concoction of interventions based on their personal life experiences. You need someone with actual training in evidence-based behavioral change. Change is at the heart of leadership success. Leaders must be able to adapt to their ever-changing environment, make necessary adjustments to strategies based on certain industry and economic changes, and help their employees do the same. We have the right tools to teach leaders how.

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For the vast majority of leaders, there are two major issues that keep them up at night: managing difficult people and navigating complex political systems in order to get things done. During waking hours, you waste so much money, time, and potential productivity managing these two issues, and even when you manage them, you sometimes wonder whether this is all there is to leadership and why you left your previously productive work just to manage problems. 

Part of the problem is that leaders aren’t provided with the right tools to be successful. Some are lucky enough to have a great mentor who can teach them these new skills and others have a natural skillset. But most leaders are promoted up from being great at their technical work to having to manage others who are great are their technical work. The transition is a rocky one without obtaining a new technical skill set.

We bring over a decade of experience managing these very issues ourselves as leaders in highly complex systems. We've been there. We know what it's like. And we want to help others be successful with these leadership challenges.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to improve your own leadership skills and opportunities while simultaneously and seamlessly helping those with fewer opportunities achieve the same goals?

We do just that by building scholarships, partnerships, and mentoring programs based on the services you choose. For example, our fellowship program is able to offers scholarships leveraging the fees and partnerships built into it. Our ChangeBurst coaching program offers several options for clients to reduce their fees by applying 20% to supporting underserved emerging leaders or by supporting various mentorship opportunities for those in need. 

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Quality in...

...Service: Unlike many leadership and strategy consultants and typical "coaching", we don't just assume that our own personal or work experiences apply to all clients. We rely on real research and psychological practice principles to drive our evaluation of your specific needs and the development of an individualized leadership or strategy plan. We also handpick and invite specific associates from our large network to join us in supporting projects requiring specific expertise. We stick to what we know, focusing all our efforts on delivering a few services within our specialty area exceptionally well. 

...Determining fit: Because we don't compromise on quality, and we know that one-size solutions do not fit all people, we provide a free half-hour consultation to first assess whether our services can meet your needs. If they can't, we try to find you the right referral to someone else who has that skill set. 

...Fee structure: We charge a flat fee for delivering a full service specified in a clear contract co-developed with our clients - not by the hour which often leads to up-selling, poorly defined outcomes, and an indefinite engagement.

...All that we do: We believe in Optimism, Persistence, Perseverance, and Excellence.

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