Mira is one of the most genuine, inspirational, and supportive leaders I have had the pleasure of working for. She creates a warm, collaborative, and innovative working environment that allows everyone to thrive. I carry the lessons that she taught me everywhere I go, and I am truly thankful for her mentorship and support.
— Allison Battles, Doctoral Student

Mira’s versatility, authenticity, and genuine care form an unparalleled leadership gem. Mira pushed my career into full growth potential beyond my position. When I describe Mira’s mentorship and guidance to friends, supervisors, or family, their resounding feedback is: “Don’t lose touch; this relationship is a rare gift.”
— Madrianne Wong, previous research coordinator later invited to serve in several high-level high-stakes national VA projects

Dr. Brancu has a unique gift for mentoring, coaching, and developing emerging leaders. I have benefited professionally and personally from her skills and talent in these areas. Dr. Brancu understands the complexities of large systems and recognizes the barriers, including gender biases, that many females in the workplace face. She has a passion for helping more female leaders advance and flourish in leadership roles and understands the value of having more diverse leaders that can drive organizational success. She listens empathetically when approached with problems and has provides insightful and empowering leadership development strategies for working and communicating more effectively and confidently in challenging environments. Dr. Brancu is an asset to any individual, group, or organization in search of leadership, mentoring, and/or coaching that will maximize their professional performance and overall well-being and success.
— Kristin Powell, PhD, Department of Veterans Affairs National Program Manager