I have been to 6 or 7 strategic planning meetings in my life. This is the first one that included balanced the hard work of strategic planning with the importance of taking a step back, reflecting on the work, and processing the experience to make sure everyone felt comfortable with where we were going along the way.
— Department of Veterans Affairs national program leader

Mira was confirming and affirming. She helped me relate to the challenge I was facing from a more detached and less emotional point of view and that has helped me clarify what I want to create with my business. She listened carefully and clearly heard where I was coming from. As a small business owner, I hadn’t ever gotten this form of objective, condensed assessment of a business challenge before - I got a lot more done and received more feedback than if I had just talked to a friend.
— Li-Lan Hsiang Weiss, Owner & Manager, Armonía Health LLC, www.armoniahealth.com

Mira’s style is friendly, kind, and analytical. Initially I was very anxious about the process, but Mira made me feel at ease and excited to make changes to my marketing plan. She asked questions in a way that made me feel comfortable and seen, which helped me be honest about what I struggle with and what I want in business. She targeted my stumbling block (that marketing feels inauthentic) and helped me find new ways to approach it. I didn’t feel like we were going through what I did wrong, just working together to help my business grow. After working with her, I changed my approach to marketing, creating practices that are specific and more in line with my personal and business values of empowerment and authenticity. AND felt comfortable doing so!

I have not done any strategic planning before, but other build your business/define your business podcasts, webinars, etc. have felt completely smarmy and fake. Mira worked directly with me and didn’t use generalities as recommendations for the work that I do. I felt engaged and connected to her, which was very integral to creating a plan.
— Allie Mullen, CEO, Allie Mullin Photography, www.alliemullin.com

Mira is one of the most genuine, inspirational, and supportive leaders I have had the pleasure of working for. She creates a warm, collaborative, and innovative working environment that allows everyone to thrive. I carry the lessons that she taught me everywhere I go, and I am truly thankful for her mentorship and support.
— Allison Battles, Doctoral Student

Usually these strategic planning meetings are packed with very heavy outcomes-focused agendas and I leave exhausted. This was the first time I am actually leaving a strategic planning meeting feeling like I enjoyed myself. It’s amazing - it was a 3-day meeting and yet everyone was engaged and invigorated the whole time. I was finally able to take a step back from the rush-rush-go-go daily grind, take a step back, and really connect and reflect on our work with the team.
— Department of Veterans Affairs national leader

Mira’s versatility, authenticity, and genuine care form an unparalleled leadership gem. Mira pushed my career into full growth potential beyond my position. When I describe Mira’s mentorship and guidance to friends, supervisors, or family, their resounding feedback is: “Don’t lose touch; this relationship is a rare gift.”
— Madrianne Wong, previous research coordinator later invited to serve in several high-level high-stakes national VA projects

Dr. Brancu has a unique gift for mentoring, coaching, and developing emerging leaders. I have benefited professionally and personally from her skills and talent in these areas. Dr. Brancu understands the complexities of large systems and recognizes the barriers, including gender biases, that many females in the workplace face. She has a passion for helping more female leaders advance and flourish in leadership roles and understands the value of having more diverse leaders that can drive organizational success. She listens empathetically when approached with problems and has provides insightful and empowering leadership development strategies for working and communicating more effectively and confidently in challenging environments. Dr. Brancu is an asset to any individual, group, or organization in search of leadership, mentoring, and/or coaching that will maximize their professional performance and overall well-being and success.
— Kristin Powell, PhD, Department of Veterans Affairs National Program Manager

I just wanted to write to express my thanks for the writing you’ve been doing on women’s leadership. I’ll be sending my clients links to what you’ve done — it will be of tremendous service to them, I know.
— Moira Somers, Ph.D., C.Psych., Author, Advice that Sticks, moneymindandmeaning.com

Don’t miss Mira Brancu, PhD’s brilliant blog series, “A New Look at Women’s Leadership,” on Psychology Today’s website. It is thoughtful, useful, human, and based on psychological and organizational principles, and gives everyone who cares about empowering women as leaders specific actionable steps and mindsets. This is a great way to break through a lot of the noise and listicles out there and find short pieces that can really make a difference, if we take them to heart and apply their lessons. Thank you Mira for this contribution and inspiration!!
— Bernardo Ferdman, Organizational Psychologist, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Organizational Development Consultant, Leadership Coach