We know that finding exceptional training and mentorship to help you meet your goals successfully is not always easy. That’s why we offer a free half-hour consultation to evaluate your needs and the scope of your goals to determine whether our services would be the right fit.

If we are not the right fit, we do our best to try to refer you to another company who would better fit your needs.

Customizable Service Options. You can choose any option from the services below or develop a completely customized package designed specifically for your needs. 

Customizable Pricing Options. We offer a variety of service levels and pricing options. Look through our options and contact us today to discuss what might work best for you.

Customizable Approach. We focus on the results that are important to you, not on promoting a specific method or tool. Some companies tout a list of assessments they will use with everyone (e.g., "360's," Myers Briggs Type Indicator, one specific coaching method). As a psychologist-run company, we hold the highest expertise in behavior change and the greatest variety of options to identify and apply the right tools for the right job.

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Individual Leadership Development Coaching

ChangeBurst is a unique one-on-one leadership development coaching program. We start with an assessment of your strengths & areas for development which is then used to collaboratively design a coaching plan with between-session assignments. It can be conducted face-to-face, or by phone or video-conferencing to accommodate busy schedules or privacy needs. Our Pay-it-Forward model empowers all clients to support continuous "bursts of change" through two options: 

(1) We provide additional free mentoring if you have a specific emerging or underserved high-potential woman in your organization that you are able to mentor or sponsor for higher leadership roles.

(2) You can contribute to a general fund which goes directly to supporting emerging and underserved women leadership development through our company's other services (e.g., FUEL program scholarships) or through our non-profit partners. 

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Leadership Training for Teams and Organizations

InsightSwitch is our collection of customizable training workshops in strategic leadership and thinking for companies. These are tailored to the needs of the participants and often include a curated group of presenters who have specific expertise in the area of interest. Some example topics include identifying and handling difficult management situations, navigating politics effectively, and learning effective communication. Regardless of topic, all workshops include hands-on interactive participation and practice to encourage the switch from passive learning to personal learning and insight.

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Group Training & Coaching for Underserved and Emerging Leaders

The Fellowship for Underserved and Emerging Leaders (FUEL) program is a structured full-service leadership development training package for high-potential women who are underserved or at the entry level of a company. Ideal candidates are currently working for a company or organization and have a company sponsor who will support the application. The Pay-it-Forward Model is embedded into the program with scholarships available to those who need it and opportunities within the program to mentor and be mentored. The program includes an evaluation of leadership strengths & development needs, training in advanced communication and organizational navigation skills, and the development and completion of a 6-month mentored leadership project. 


Strategic Planning for Individuals and Organizations

We also offer the following individual, team, and organizational strategic planning services:


Individual Coaching to Develop a Personal Strategic Plan
A focused goal-setting coaching program applying strategic planning and process improvement principles to personal or career goal-setting.


Strategic Planning Consultation to Support Leaders within Organizations
Customized consultation to help leaders develop a strategic plan tailored to the need of the company.


Full Service Strategic Planning for Teams and Organizations
Customized strategic planning process development and facilitation based on the company's needs. 


Contact us today for a free consultation and to customize a service package plan and pricing that works best for your needs. 


Still not sure whether we are a good fit for your needs?

If you fit into at least one of the categories below, we may be a good fit:

  • You are specifically interested in learning about leadership styles and competencies.

  • You are a leader or company at an important pivotal moment or crossroads seeking to make an important change.

  • You would like to focus on improving the health and resiliency of your team or organization.

  • You need help networking and expanding your circle of influence at work to gain greater effectiveness.

  • You are facing a career challenge and you would like additional guidance, support, and to develop a strong strategic plan to develop a more clear path for success.

  • You need help identifying your personal strengths and skills you have that are translatable to other opportunities.

  • You are looking for better work-life integration.

  • You want to be more strategic in your leadership process and better understand how you can make an impact not just on their own behaviors at the individual level, but also with their team and organization.

  • You want help learning how to better navigate the politics at work.

  • You want to identify blindspots that could sabotage an otherwise successful career.

  • You are realizing that you may have gap areas specific to leadership skills that you would like to identify and work on.

  • You want to learn how to better manage or improve your team’s performance.

  • You want to drive organizational change and gain key competencies in that area.

  • You have experienced some challenging interpersonal situations at work and would like to learn how to better address these.

  • You need help finding ways to maintain a steadier level of productivity in the face of constant stressors that can serve as derailers.

  • You want a coach that is objective, not connected with your organization, can maintain privacy and confidentiality, and can offer private payment options.

Ideal candidates for our services meet most the following criteria:

  • You are ready to take a more structured approach to reaching your goals and are willing and have the time to work on assignments in between coaching/consulting sessions (negotiated at the beginning of an engagement).

  • You have the motivation to make changes and are open to and seeking honest feedback.

  • You are looking for objective feedback outside of your circle of friends, family, colleagues, and supervisors.

  • You need a coach or consultant rather than a therapist (if we are concerned this may be an issue, we are able to refer you).

  • Leaders in organizations seeking these services are committed to being part of the solution, which may involve making difficult but important strategic decisions.

  • You are a company seeking to develop your female talent to maximize the number of potential future leaders and the return on investment associated with increasing the number of diverse perspectives in leadership roles.