For the vast majority of leaders, there are two major issues that keep them up at night: managing difficult people and navigating complex political systems in order to get things done. During waking hours, you waste so much money, time, and potential productivity managing these two issues, and even when you manage them, you sometimes wonder whether this is all there is to leadership and why you left your previously productive work just to manage problems. 

Part of the problem is that leaders aren’t provided with the right tools to be successful. Some are lucky enough to have a great mentor who can teach them these new skills and others have a natural skillset. But most leaders are promoted up from being great at their technical work to having to manage others who are great are their technical work. The transition is a rocky one without obtaining a new technical skill set.

We bring over a decade of experience managing these very issues ourselves as leaders in highly complex systems. We've been there. We know what it's like. And we want to help others be successful with these leadership challenges.

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