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Leadership + Strategy with Purpose

Helping companies create systems-level culture change, one person at at time.

We offer women’s leadership development, executive coaching, and team development with a social impact strategy.

Organizations want to train and then retain their best talent. We combine behavioral and organizational change principles to help organizations create lasting change in their leadership pipeline.

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Our Services Are For...

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Companies & groups who...

...want to identify and address systematic barriers that may be getting in the way of success among their leaders.

…want to support with their gender diversity and inclusion efforts.

…would like to serve as a force for good by supporting emerging and underserved women leaders.

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Current leaders who....

...want to identify potential blindspots, better navigate office and organizational politics, learn how to think more strategically, create more visible success, and become more effective in influencing and creating change.

…want to give back and help other emerging and underserved women do the same.

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New professional women who...

...want to identify how to apply their strengths to enhancing their success in large organizations.

…want to learn how to manage new demands across a wide range of jobs and roles.

…are looking for additional professional mentorship.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to accelerate the success of highly competent women who step into leadership roles in large and complex organizations.


Our Model

We use a Pay-it-Forward model to support emerging and underserved women leaders who may not otherwise have access to these resources. 

We start all projects with a thorough assessment of your needs to inform the right services for the job. We apply best practices in change, communication, and strategy. 

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What Sets Us Apart

We use business as a force for good.

This is a company with a purpose.

  • By utilizing a Pay-it-Forward model and offering tailored customizable packages, we are able to offer executive level services at price points that fit all needs.

  • We make a distinct impact by further partnering with organizations who support emerging and underserved women leaders.  

We apply behavioral and organizational principles.

  • Effective interventions are tailored to your unique individual and organizational differences, based on well-researched assessments to guide the consultation plan.

  • As a company owned by a psychologist who also has extensive leadership and operational management experience, we can offer a a level beyond the typical leadership development experience to make deep, meaningful, resilient, long-lasting individual and organizational change.

We focus on improving outcomes and making a difference in the world.

  • Be known as an organization who cares about retaining talented women employees.


 Why We Do This

  • Navigating the politics of an organization and building critical networks are the most common developmental needs when leaders are given feedback on their competencies. It can make or break a leader’s success.

  • Being smart and hard-working is not enough to be a strong leader or for one’s work to be recognized by others as useful. The art of involving the right stakeholders and communicating your work to them are critical skills.

  • The higher the leadership level in an organization, the more important it is to also learn best management practices to manage and direct the work of teams.

  • In the midst of these networks and politics are systematic barriers that have hampered the leadership pipeline for emerging women leaders.

We aim to help women navigate large, complex organizations where they are needed most and help organizations who want to reduce these barriers to support their most talented women leaders.

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Who We Are


Mira Brancu, PhD, Founder & CEO

Hi, I'm Dr. Mira Brancu. Welcome to our community! I am a consulting psychologist who has grown to love applying my clinical training in assessment and behavior change to leadership development and strategic thinking. 

I have over 20 years of experience in clinical psychological interventions, management, leadership, and operational and organizational effectiveness. Across these years of experience, I have had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of settings and industries, including non-profit, federal government, K-12 schools, academic/university, healthcare, public health, and independent practice.

One thing you will learn as you read more is that we don't compromise on quality. If you are interested in our services, I will ensure that I identify the most qualified person for the job, whether that be me, one of my associates, or another company if we are not the right fit.